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Whyte Horse Winery wines are a combination of love and patience. While we realize that every wine can't be a personal favorite, we strive to produce an array of different tastes for you to enjoy and to share. As a result, our wines will complement your food for a wonderful pairing experience. We have a vision for our Indiana winery that includes creating a recognizable style of wine, creating an experience for our guests, providing education on the characteristics of wines and how best to enjoy the fruit of the vine.

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In 2002, we were looking for a piece of land in Indiana that our family could enjoy, with woods and either a stream or pond. On the way to dinner one evening we noticed a property that was for sale by owner. We called and made an appointment to see it the next day. We were told that it already had a full-price offer, but we made a backup offer anyway and were told it would probably be of no avail. The next day we received a call during church with the news that the owner of the property wanted to speak with us. When we returned her call she asked, "Will you take the horse?". We had noticed a horse the day before in the pasture. When questioned what she meant, she replied that she had a 25-year-old white mare that she couldn't take with her. The people with the existing offer didn't want the horse, but if we would take the horse with the property, we could have it all. Our prayers were answered; we gladly took Molly, the deal went through, and our journey began.

Molly became an important part of our grandchildren's lives and we all loved being at the farm. One day three years later, we headed to the farm after church, where I teach a Sunday school class and had been teaching on Bruce Wilkinson's book, "The Secret of the Vine". As we sat on the deck and looked out at our rolling pasture, I told Connie that I wanted to plant a vineyard. I wanted to care for the vines and for the fruit. It was only natural to take the interest in the vineyard and our passion for fine wine collecting to the next level, so we started looking for a site for the winery.

We approached my brother, Don Pampel, and his wife Denise, concerning them being a part of the project. Don, Denise, Connie, and I were all farm kids, so it felt like we were all returning to our roots.

When we were searching for the name of the winery, Connie came up with the name Whyte Horse, which was inspired by Molly, who was the reason we were able to buy the property. Since the land is located in White County in Indiana, we combined the two elements to come up with a different spelling reminiscent of Old World, which complements the style of wine we enjoy most.

The farmhouse was part of a large land holding on the south side of Monticello. At first I wanted to tear it down, but my wife put her gift of decorating and vision to work. She made the right decision. We have large porches that surround much of the house and the winery, furnished with rocking chairs and bistro sets for your enjoyment. We have added a music-filled garden for relaxing with friends.

The farmhouse tasting room has a handmade cherry bar. Our gift shop is decorated with antiques and offers wine accessories and gifts for sale. Specialized baskets can be made to order, and we also have an assortment of locally made snacks, dips, and cheeses.

The winery and processing facility is adjacent to our banquet facility, which can seat up to 70 for a catered lunch, dinner, or other event. It has a 20-foot hand-made tasting bar with an antique mirrored back-bar that was built in 1890. The processing area is visible from the banquet room and is equipped with stainless steel tanks made in Italy and oak barrels made in France.
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Larry and Connie, and Don and Denise Pampel, are the owners of Whyte Horse Winery. Larry and Connie own Whyte Horse Farm & Vineyard, which is where our Traminette grapes are grown, and where the white horse (Sammy) lives.

Don and Larry's father, Carl, helps in the winery and vineyard. Don's daughters, Darcy and Dana, work in the vineyard and winery as needed. Larry is the winemaker, Don is the production manager, and Connie manages the tasting room and special events. Larry's son Eric, daughter Dodi, son-in-law Brad, and daughter-in-law Kelly help when needed. The grandchildren help with maintenance in the vineyard during the summer, and help in the labeling of the wine. All help with the harvest. We are truly a family-business.

The rest of the full-time staff includes Mary (sales & distributing), Cyndi (wine club), Connie (communications & events) Jackie (wine making), and Andy (production). Each member has a passion for wine and is willing to do whatever it takes to enhance your experience when you visit the winery. We are also blessed to have part-time employees, and family and friends who love working with us in the tasting room, at festivals, and in the vineyard whenever we have the need.


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Larry, the winemaker and co-owner, received a certificate in winemaking from UC Davis: vintner's course based in California.


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Don is a co-owner and the vineyard/ production manager.

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The vineyards of Whyte Horse Winery are located on the rolling hills along Big Creek in White County, Indiana. Whyte Horse grows many of our own grapes that are used to produce our wines.

Indiana is not known for grape-growing, but there are actually several cold-hardy grapes that can withstand the colder winters of our Midwestern climate.  Our larger vineyard, located at the farm a few miles from the winery, is where we grow Traminette (Indiana's signature grape) and a few other varieties.  The on-site vineyard at the winery is where we grow our Vignoles grapes, often used to make a sweet late-harvest wine.  This vineyard is also centered around a gazebo and is a beautiful scene for a summer wedding.  Feel free to stroll through the on-site vineyard anytime you visit the winery!

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The charming lake resort community of Monticello, Indiana, is home to Whyte Horse Winery. Our facilities feature a tasting room set in a renovated 1886 farmhouse, a modern processing facility, and a beautiful banquet room. Our facilities may also be rented for private events.

Tasting Bar

We offer wine tastings in our tasting bar during normal business hours (see bottom of page). No reservations are needed (unless you have a large group of 10 or more, then see Group Winery Tours below), just bring $3 and your photo ID and you will get to taste 5 wines of your choice, all of which are made here at the winery.  Don't worry if you don't know much about wine, our servers can help you find something you'll like. 


 Relax and stay a while – enjoy a glass or share a bottle in our Crystal Room or outside on our patios, in the gardens, or along the vineyard. Cheese and other light gourmet foods can be purchased in our gift shop to enjoy with your wine.

Minors are welcome on the winery premises in designated "minor-friendly" areas.  Ask our staff if you are unsure which areas are okay for minors.

Winery Gift Shop

We carry many local and unique products including Fair Oaks Farms cheeses, Rothschild dips, and many wine-related gift items from fun to classy styles. Snack on your food selections while you sip your wine or sip your wine while you shop!

We also offer custom-made gift baskets for any occasion – charitable donations, birthdays, client gifts, holiday - just give us a call with your ideas, wines choices, and a price range, and we will do all the work!

Group Winery Tours

Larger groups (10 or more) may schedule a private group wine tasting and tour of the winery.  Taste & Tours provide your group an opportunity to privately taste a selection of our wines, learn how they are made, ask questions, and take a tour of the processing facility.

Contact us for information or scheduling. 

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Photos from our winery in Monticello and from events/festivals throughout Indiana!

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Winery Promotions

10% Off on 12 or More Bottles

Get 10 % off your purchase when you order 12 or more bottles.
Just Enter Coupon Code 10%OFF12 when you check out!

15% Off on 24 or More Bottles

Get 15% off your purchase when you order 24 or more bottles.
Just Enter Coupon Code 15%OFF24 when you check out!