The Winery

About the Winery

Whyte Horse Winery came into existence when a dream and a passion came together. The dream was to care for a vineyard; the passion was born from thirty years of collecting fine wines.

In 2002, we were looking for a piece of land that our family could enjoy, with woods and either a stream or pond. On the way to dinner one evening we noticed a property that was for sale by owner. We called and made an appointment to see it the next day. We were told that it already had a full-price offer, but we made a backup offer anyway and were told it would probably be of no avail. The next day we received a call during church with the news that the owner of the property wanted to speak with us. When we returned her call she asked, "Will you take the horse?". We had noticed a horse the day before in the pasture. When questioned what she meant, she replied that she had a 25-year-old white mare that she couldn't take with her. The people with the existing offer didn't want the horse, but if we would take the horse with the property, we could have it all. Our prayers were answered; we gladly took Molly, the deal went through, and our journey began.

Molly became an important part of our grandchildren's lives and we all loved being at the farm. One day three years later, we headed to the farm after church, where I teach a Sunday school class and had been teaching on Bruce Wilkinson's book, "The Secret of the Vine". As we sat on the deck and looked out at our rolling pasture, I told Connie that I wanted to plant a vineyard. I wanted to care for the vines and for the fruit. It was only natural to take the interest in the vineyard and our passion for fine wine collecting to the next level, so we started looking for a site for the winery.

We approached my brother, Don Pampel, and his wife Denise, concerning them being a part of the project. Don, Denise, Connie, and I were all farm kids, so it felt like we were all returning to our roots.

When we were searching for the name of the winery, Connie came up with the name Whyte Horse, which was inspired by Molly, who was the reason we were able to buy the property. Since the land is located in White County in Indiana, we combined the two elements to come up with a different spelling reminiscent of Old World, which complements the style of wine we enjoy most.

The farmhouse was part of a large land-holding on the south side of Monticello. At first I wanted to tear it down but, my wife put her gift of decorating and vision to work. She made the right decision. We have large porches that surround much of the house and the winery, furnished with rocking chairs and bistro sets for your enjoyment. We have added a music-filled garden for relaxing with friends.

The farmhouse tasting room has a handmade cherry bar. Our gift shop is decorated with antiques and offers wine accessories and gifts for sale. Specialized baskets can be made to order, and we also have an assortment of locally made snacks, dips, and cheeses.

The winery and processing facility is adjacent to our banquet facility, which can seat up to 70 for a catered lunch, dinner, or other event. It has a 20-foot hand-made tasting bar with an antique mirrored back-bar that was built in 1890. The processing area is visible from the banquet room and is equipped with stainless steel tanks made in Italy and oak barrels made in France.